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Italian Courses Online

Learn Italian with our Italian courses!
dialogues - vocabulary - grammar reference - exercises

Understand Italian grammar!

Italian grammar explained using clear explanations
and examples.

Improve your listening skills, your grammar and your vocabulary with these video exercises. Click here >>

Learn Italian with our exclusive
"One World Italiano Video Course"! Click here >>

Put your knowledge of Italian to the test!
Exercises from beginners to advanced levels

Italian Verb Tenses Exercises
Italian Grammar Exercises
Italian Vocabulary Exercises
Italian Idioms Exercises


Lots of Italian language activities organised by topic.

Write better in Italian

Improve your written Italian by listening to our
audio recordings.

Il sistema scolastico italiano Click here

Find out more about Rome, Florence, Milan, Cagliari
and other Italian cities and learn new words
at the same time.

Conjugations of regular and irregular Italian verbs

andare, avere, essere, fare, venire, dare,
dire, mangiare, ...

Lists of all the verb forms of the most common
Italian verbs

Learn Italian by watching these YouTube videos and doing the comprehension exercises.
Video exercises for all levels >>

Comprensione di testi in italiano

Listening and reading exercises

Listen to Italian recordings and read original Italian
articles and stories.

Everyday conversations in hotels, shops and
ticket offices.

Useful word groups with their translations in English.
Football... Weather... Food... Colours... Professions...

Italian Vocabulary Exercises >>

Italian proverbs and idioms

Explanations of some strange Italian expressions.

What do Italians mean when they say:
"Essere un libro aperto per qualcuno"
Click here to find out!

A collection of the best Italian news sites to help improve your reading and listening skills.

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