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Italian Causal Propositions

The cause is the reason for an action. In Italian we can use the following words or expressions to indicate cause, which in English mean, depending on the sentence, for, because of, due to the fact, since, given that or variations of these expressions:

  • per

  • a causa di

  • per il fatto che

  • poiché

  • dato che

We can also talk about the cause of something by using the infinitive.


Poiché pioveva, non siamo usciti.
Since it was raining, we didn't go out.

Per il tuo ritardo, abbiamo fatto una brutta figura.
Due to the fact that you were late, we made a bad impression.

Dato che sei venuto, adesso parliamo.
Since you're here, let's talk.

Visto che la tua opinione è questa, non abbiamo più niente da dirci.
Given that that's your opinion, we haven't got anything more to say to each other.

Avendo già fatto queste cose, sarai un esperto!
Having already done this, you must be an expert!

Comprando i biglietti in anticipo, non ci saranno problemi.
Buying the tickets in advance, there won't be any problems.



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