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Italian Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives indicate ownership of something by someone.
Possessive Adjectives

Mio, miei

Tuo, tuoi

Suo, suoi

Nostro, nostri

Vostro, vostri








Mia, mie

Tua, tue

Sua, sue

Nostra, nostre

Vostra, vostre


Possessive adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they refer to, and they generally come after the article.


il mio libro / my book

la tua borsa / your bag

il suo quaderno / his/her notebook

le nostre macchine / our cars

i vostri telefoni / your phones

le loro giacche / their jackets

The singular family nouns are an exception and there is no definite article:

Mio padre; tuo fratello; tua zia; mio nipote; etc.

Whereas in the plural we use the definite article:

i tuoi fratelli; le tue zie; i miei nipoti; etc.

The possessive in the third person plural "il loro, la loro..." always has the article, also in the singular:

Il loro padre; la loro cugina; i loro genitori; le loro sorelle


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