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Italian Verb Forms

Italian verbs have seven main forms:

  • Infinito / Infinitive
  • Participio / Participle
  • Gerundio / Gerund
  • Indicativo / Indicative
  • Congiuntivo / Subjunctive
  • Condizionale / Conditional
  • Imperativo / Imperative

They are divided into 3 groups, depending on their ending:


Mangiare (to eat)


Credere (to believe)


Offrire (to offer)


Verbs can be used in the active, passive and reflexive forms.

When the subject of the sentence is performing the action we use the active form:

Luca lancia la palla.
Luca throws the ball.


When the subject of the sentence has something done to it and does not do it itself, we use the passive form:

La palla è lanciata da Luca.
The ball is thrown by Luca.


When the subject does the action to itself, we use the reflexive form:

Io mi lavo la faccia.
I wash my face.


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