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Prepositions of Place

In Italian many prepositions are needed to form the various prepositional phrases of place.

a: Usually the preposition of place a is used with the names of:

1. Cities (e.g. Cape Town )
2. Small islands (e.g. Sardegna)


Dopo domani vado a Milano.
I'm going to Milan the day after tomorrow.

in: Most of the time the preposition of place in is used with the names of:

1. Nations (e.g. Italy)
2. Regions (e.g. Lombardia)
3. Continents (e.g. Europe)
4. Large islands (e.g. Britain)


Roma in Italia.
Rome is in Italy.

L'anno prossimo voglio andare in Reggio Calabria.
Next year I want to go to Reggio Calabria.

da: Normally the preposition of place da is used with:

1. People's names
2. Personal pronouns


Andiamo da Franco domani?
Shall we go to Franco's tomorrow?

per: Normally the preposition of place per is used with the verbs:

1. Partire (to leave)
2. Passare (to go through)


Quando parti per New York?
When are you leaving for New York?

Se vado a Cagliari passo per Sassari.
If I go to Cagliari I'll go through Sassari.


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