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Learn Italian online with our free 37 unit Italian course.

Study Italian in Italy with One World

Unit 1 Introducing yourself, saying where you are from and your age
Vocabulary: means of transport; numbers.
Grammar: The verbs to be and to have in their singular forms; saying hello and goodbye.

Unit 2 Ordering something to eat
Vocabulary: Food and drink.
Grammar: Present simple form of the verbs to be, to want, to do, to eat, to drink, to help; the plural forms of nouns; indefinite articles.

Unit 3 Talking about what you like doing
Grammar: Adverbs of frequency; present simple forms of regular -are verbs; definite articles.

Unit 4 Family and work
Vocabulary: Family members and jobs
Grammar: Present simple forms of regular -ere verbs; possessive adjectives.

Unit 5 At the hotel
Vocabulary: Hotel.
Grammar: Present simple forms of regular -ire verbs; descriptive adjectives.

Unit 6 In the hotel room
Vocabulary: Bedroom and Bathroom.
Grammar: There is / there are; irregular verbs - to go, to come, to want, to have to, to be able to; the imperative form.

Unit 7 Giving Directions
Vocabulary: Means of transport and colours; adverbs of places.
Grammar: I like, I need.

Unit 8 Shopping
Vocabulary: The city.
Grammar: The past participle and the present perfect tense; time expressions.

Unit 9 What's the weather like?
Vocabulary: The weather; telling the time; days of the week, months and seasons.

Unit 10 The Cathedral
Vocabulary: The city.
Grammar: The gerund; simple and articulated prepositions.

Unit 11 Shopping for Clothes
Vocabulary: Clothes.
Grammar: Reflexive verbs; demonstrative adjectives; how much/how many?

Unit 12 At the restaurant
Vocabulary: Adverbs of quantity; adjectives of nationality; adjectives and expressions to describe people.

Unit 13 Talking on the telephone
Vocabulary: Talking on the telephone.
Grammar: Comparative and superlative forms.

Unit 14 On the train to Venice
Vocabulary: Expressing physical sensations and feelings.
Grammar: Adverbs of negation; plural form of nouns and adjectives ending in -co/-ca.

Unit 15 In a hotel in Venice
Vocabulary: Furnishings.
Grammar: Interrogative adjectives, pronouns and adverbs; the impersonal form.

Unit 16 In the park
Grammar: The imperfect tense; just, already, not yet, still; some, a few.

Unit 17 Making plans
Grammar: The present conditional form; to have to + infinitive; to want + infinitive.

Unit 18 Making suggestions
Vocabulary: Making suggestions and accepting and refusing.
Grammar: Direct and indirect pronouns.

Unit 19 Giving news
Vocabulary: Giving news.
Grammar: Differences between the past perfect and the imperfect tenses.

Unit 20 Morning in the hotel
Vocabulary: Electronic and domestic appliances.
Grammar: Future simple and future perfect tenses.

Unit 21 At the train station
Vocabulary: Expressing an opinion.
Grammar: The present subjunctive tense.

Unit 22 Going shopping in Florence
Vocabulary: Expressions to use in happy and sad situations.
Grammar: The present conditional.

Unit 23 Let's go to the Old Town!
Grammar: The imperfect subjunctive tense; conditional clauses (Hypothetical phrases in Italian)

Unit 24 Useful advice
Vocabulary: The human body.
Grammar: Conjunctions; the negative imperative.

Unit 25 Bad weather
Vocabulary: The weather.
Grammar:The pluperfect subjunctive; the perfect conditional.

Unit 26 How long have you...?
Vocabulary: Sports.
Grammar: Talking about how long you have been doing something; the relative pronoun "cui".

Unit 27 Talking about future plans
Vocabulary: Public buildings.
Grammar: Ways of talking about the future; expressing hope.

Unit 28 Organising an appointment
Vocabulary: Ordinal numbers.
Grammar: The present perfect subjunctive tense.

Unit 29 Meeting Veronica'a aunt
Grammar: The past perfect tense; pronominal particles.

Unit 30 On the train to Rome
Vocabulary: Some important suffixes.
Grammar: The passive form.

Unit 31 At the Trevi Fountain
Vocabulary: Asking for, giving and refusing permission.

Unit 32 In a bookshop
Vocabulary: Books.
Grammar: The past definite tense.

Unit 33 Phoning home
Vocabulary: University.
Grammar: Indirect speech.

Unit 34 The end of a long day
Vocabulary: Group nouns.
Grammar: The past anterior tense.

Unit 35 Planning a trip to Naples
Vocabulary: Informal letters.
Grammar: Uses of the gerund.

Unit 36 Visiting Naples
Vocabulary: Geographical locations.
Grammar: Impersonal verbs.

Unit 37 Visiting the Old Town in Naples
Vocabulary: Suffixes to make adjectives; formal letters.

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