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Exercises to test what you learnt during our online course.

Study Italian in Italy with One World

Exercise N°1 Greetings - to be - to have

Exercise N°2 Indefinite articles - Present simple conjugations of common verbs

Exercise N°3 Definite articles - First conjugation verbs in the present simple tense

Exercise N°4 Possessive adjectives - Second conjugation verbs in the present simple tense

Exercise N°5 Descriptive adjectives - Third conjugation verbs in the present simple tense

Exercise N°6 Irregular verbs - The imperative form- There is/There are

Exercise N°7 Indications of place - To like/To need

Exercise N°8 Time expressions - The present perfect tense

Exercise N°9 The weather - The Time

Exercise N°10-a The Gerund

Exercise N°10-b Simple and articulated Prepositions

Exercise N°10-c Simple and articulated Prepositions

Exercise N°11 Reflexive verbs - Demonstrative adjectives

Exercise N°12 Indicators of intensity - Adjectives of nationality - Adjectives to describe physical appearance and characteristics

Exercise N°13 Comparative and Superlative forms

Exercise N°14-a Negation and double negation

Exercise N°14-b Plural form of nouns and adjectives ending in -co/-ca - Physical sensations and feelings

Exercise N°15 Interrogative adjectives, pronouns and adverbs: who?, what?, where?

Exercise N°16 The imperfect tense - Just, already, not yet, still - Some/ a few

Exercise N°17 The present conditional form - To have to + infinitive - To want + infinitive

Exercise N°18 Direct and indirect pronouns

Exercise N°19 Giving news - Past perfect and Imperfect tense

Exercise N°20 The future simple and future perfect tenses

Exercise N°21 The present subjunctive - How to express an opinion

Exercise N°22 The present conditional - Situations and recurrences: Idioms

Exercise N°23 The Imperfect Subjunctive - The conditional forms

Exercise N°24 The Conjunctions - The negative imperative - The human body

Exercise N°25 The weather - Past perfect subjunctive - Perfect Conditional

Exercise N°26 Sports - Talking about how long you have been doing something - The relative pronoun "cui"

Exercise N°27 Ways of talking about the future - Expressing hope

Exercise N°28 Ordinal numbers - The present perfect subjunctive tense

Exercise N°29-a The past perfect tense

Exercise N°29-b Pronominal particles (si, ci, ne)

Exercise N°30 The passive form

Exercise N°31 Asking for, giving and refusing permission.

Exercise N°32 The past definite tense

Exercise N°33 Indirect speech

Exercise N°34 The past anterior tense - Group nouns

Exercise N°35 Uses of the gerund

Exercise N°36 Impersonal verbs - Geographical locations

Exercise N°37 Suffixes to make adjectives


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