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Saying Hello and Goodbye Gap-Fill Exercise

Activity 2

Greetings and goodbyes at different times during the day

Fill in the spaces and click "Check" to check your answer. Use the "Hint" button to get a letter if you are having problems. Be careful that every time you ask for a hint you lose points!
1) Ore 9:45
A: , signor Manfredi!
B: , signora Rossi!

2) Ore 18:30
A: , dottor Rossini.
B: , signora Bianchi. Come sta?
A: Bene, grazie. E Lei?

3) Ore 20:30
A: , Gigi!
B: , Carlo! Come stai?
A: Bene, grazie! E tu?

4) Ore 23:30
A: Ci vediamo domani mattina, !
B: Sì, certo. !

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